How Important is Christ to You?

By Pastor David Speas

When I read this passage of scripture, I'm struck by the lengths to which Paul was prepared to go in order to know Christ.  He was ready to throw away all his righteous past.  He was ready to forsake the things of this world.  He was ready to experience suffering and death.  Nothing could compare with his desire to know Christ more.

If I'm honest, I'm not always there.  Yes, I want to know Christ.  But Paul seems to have gone to a whole 'nother level.  It's almost as if he were longing for if death seemed attractive, if that's what it took to know Christ fully.

You can tell how important something is to you by what you're willing to give up for it.

If sports are important to a person, they are willing to brave the elements to see their team play (think Green Bay, Wisconsin).  If vehicles are important to people, they'll pay up to get their dream car.  If family is important, people are willing to give up career opportunities, forgo personal plans, lose sleep...their commitment can be seen in what they are willing to sacrifice.

Paul loved Christ so much, he was prepared to give up everything in order to know Him more.

That's where I want to get to.  I want to be so committed to Christ that nothing else even comes close!  This month, I pray God gives me that same passion for God and His purpose for my life.  That's my prayer for you too!