This past November, construction began 0n the lower level of CFW.  Our goal?  To create a state-of-the-art children’s space to help us make more disciples for Christ.

With almost all volunteer labor, we tackled the proud old building.  Construction began as we stripped the lower level of all its walls.  This allowed us to reframed the space giving us larger, more aesthetic classrooms.  Next we reworked existing ductwork and sound wiring.  By boxing these in, we were able to increase the height of our ceilings giving the space a less cramped, basement, feeling.  Wiring came next and was followed by insulation.  Both were done in-house with the help of a volunteer electrician.  All outside walls received 6″ of fiberglass insulation while interior walls received 4″ to cut down on sound.

Upon completing insulation, we hired the sheetrock hanging and finishing for a much needed break.  We also hired an IT company to install a magnetic lock on the lower level door for increased security of our children’s space.  Paint was soon up and doors were installed next.  The final week of construction saw the installation of new toilets and vanities as well as small finishing touches everywhere.  A ladies committee worked hard to choose modern colors and furnishings.  Dedication was held May 17th.

Energy saving measures include high-efficiency HVAC units in each room, LED bulbs that draw 1/6 the electricity of an incandescent, and insulation.  Flat screen TVs are in each of the classrooms with a link to upstairs’ announcements and services.

The entire project cost around $55,000 and is completely paid for — all monies were raised beforehand.  We give God all the praise for this amazing space.  He is good. IMG_0505IMG_0361.JPG  IMG_0504   IMG_0362.JPGIMG_0354.JPG IMG_0355.JPG  IMG_0363.JPGIMG_0368.JPGIMG_0358.JPG IMG_0360.JPG    IMG_0364.JPG IMG_0365.JPG IMG_0366.JPG IMG_0367.JPG    IMG_0370.JPGIMG_0509IMG_0510IMG_0498